Family fast 1

I will be using Nehemiah chapter 1 through chapter 2 unto verse 8 as a foundational scripture.   Nehemiah is an example to edify us to believe and trust in God.   The nation of Israel was in ruins, its people were scattered abroad in bondage.  Why, because of disobedience to God.  This is a people chosen to represent Him to the world.  However, they had forsaken the One that had delivered them, the One that had blessed them, with land, food, shelter, success; whatever they would put their hands to it prospered.  Now the judgment of God was upon them.

Nehemiah is living in the King’s palace as the king’s cup bearer.  This meant he had to live and conduct himself a certain way before the king.  He was responsible for tasting anything brought before the king to ensure it wasn’t poisoned.  Nehemiah and others have been in captivity for years now.   Nehemiah receives some guest from Jerusalem.  They reported to him the condition of their beloved country and the news broke Nehemiah’s heart!  The report stated that the walls of the city were broken down, the gates were burnt.  Upon hearing this awful report, his heart is so broken his feet fails him.  He sits and begins to weep.  Thank God he did more than weep.  Verse 4 of chapter 1 records that he mourned, fasted and prayed!

I want to bring out some facts concerning Nehemiah.

  1.  Nehemiah was overwhelmed with the condition of his people and nation.
  2. Nehemiah did not only weep and mourn; he was proactive in his faith.
  3. Nehemiah’s faith propelled him into action.
  4. Nehemiah went humbly before God believing God could make a difference.
  5. Nehemiah was specific in his prayer request.

We may not be in as desperate a condition as the city of Jerusalem but we have some issues that need to be taken as such.  Are we satisfy where we are, Nehemiah wasn’t?  Will the conditions of our family move us to fast, pray and believe God?  Will our faith move us into action?  Can we humble ourselves before our Heavenly Father in repentance?  Do we know what we need?

Family, the broken walls and gates meant the enemy had freedom to come and ram shack their city as they desire.   Does the enemy comes into our lives and ram shack as he pleases.  I can name situations and we are all familiar with them.  Should we continue living as if nothing is wrong and hope for the best?  The answer is NO!  The word teaches that we are to bear one another burdens.

I’m asking us as a Family to humble ourselves before God and repent.  Believe God and trust His word.  Fast and pray be specific and apply ourselves to obey His Word!  Notice as you read the verses you will not find God responding to Nehemiah in an audible voice.  Stop waiting for an audible voice!  Notice God heard his petition and granted exactly what Nehemiah requested.  Nehemiah did not know when or how it was to happen, in fact as God began to answer his request he had to pray for mercy.

Family this is how Faith operates.  Nehemiah began in faith and as a result of his belief, God moved upon the king to give substance to that which began in repentance, fasting and prayer for.

Now this brings me to the question how shall we fast?  I read in Mathews where Jesus fasted and was hungry afterwards.  For him to be hungry meant he did not eat food!  I am request we fast for 24 hrs this Sunday, from food.  If anyone has a medical condition, take care of yourself appropriately.  Fasting should be a time of sacrificing and dedicating oneself to the Lord for a cause.

Our main focus this Sunday is Auntie Cheryl and her family!  Let’s pray that our Heavenly Father would restore and make her household whole.  I know that we have many other issues, but I know how each of you cares enough to sacrifice for family!  I see you doing it all the time in various ways. Cheryl, should you desire to be more specific please do.

I Love you family, but greater than my love is our Heavenly Father’s LOVE!!!!

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