Will you please listen

I’ve called out to you often, but you’ve never come.  I’ve reached out to you, but you’ve paid me no attention.   You’ve ignored my advice and rejected the correction I’ve offered.  Because of this, I will laugh when you’re in trouble.  When disaster overtakes you, or calamity overcomes you like a storm, when you’re engulfed by trouble or when anguish and distress overwhelms you, I will mock you?

I will not answer when your cry for help, even though you anxiously search for me, you will not find me.  Why you may ask?  Simply because you’ve hated knowledge, and chosen not to reverence the Lord!  You will eat the bitter fruit of living your own way.  You must experience the full terror of the path you’ve chosen.  You turned away from me and chose death.  You are a fool and your own complacency will destroy you!

If you come to me, listen and obey, I’ll pour out upon you the spirit of wisdom which will make you wise.  You will live in peace and safety, unafraid of harm!


– wisdom

2 thoughts on “Will you please listen

  1. The above is from the book of proverbs, written by Solomon. Prov. 1:20-33 I would like to use this in the discussion of faith & logic. Solomon wrote proverbs to instruct us how to be wise. Wisdom here is screaming at humanity, please listen to what I say and apply it to your life because it is beneficial unto you. If one is to truly think logically, the advantages and disadvantages are plainly written and not at all difficult to understand. Logic will have me to think, “if I do what wisdom instructs me, I will be successful in life.” “If I don’t, I’ll live a life of defeat and death.”
    The problem is I have to believe this. I could instead believe that this was written by an old Jewish man that is thousands of years dead and has no relevance to me today. After-all, we are more knowledgeable and intelligent today, there’s no way he could relate to the advancement of today’s society. I would be a fool to believe this.
    Should I choose to believe this or take this stand, I’m operating in faith. See the problem is faith has to do with my belief. I live what I believe. Therefore, if I say I do not believe Solomon’s teachings, I will substitute it with something else. What is your faith based upon? The word of God teaches that the just shall live by faith. Where is your faith?

  2. Ah well said! This is an answer for one of my prayers this week.

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