Growing Faith

Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. Ro. 10:17.  The word of God teaches that for one to obtain faith, the individual must first hear.  Now in-order to hear, one must listen.

There are many things we listen to through out our days, weeks, months and years.  What we hear, and when I say hear, I mean really listen to.  That which we’ve allowed to enter our soul.  An individual can have faith in things, such as money, power, job, family, etc.  How does this happens?  Most often it’s because of what has been heard and experienced.  Let me give you an example.  We’ve heard and seen things on the television about money.  We’ve heard stories about people with money and the power of money.  All of this can increase desire and faith in money.

The word of God is explicit.  It teaches that we should hear the word of God to increase our faith.  The word can be heard from ministers, other people, or most importantly ourselves.  The minister must preach the truth of God’s word.  However, every person must position him or herself accordingly, to hear the word of God.

When individuals testify about the works of the Lord in their lives, it is up to us to listen and hear.  In listening, faith can be encouraged and strengthen.

As we read the word of God, our spirit and soul hear the word coming from within.   This strengthens and grows our faith.  This is the number one method recommended by the word.  As one read the word, the Holy Spirit (if you are a believer) brings about illumination, wisdom, knowledge, understanding and faith is strengthen.  An unbeliever is convicted and must become a believer to receive the Holy Spirit.

Faith in every believer is going to be tested.  This is where many people falter.  We do not like to be tested.  The word of God tells us that we will be tested.  Abraham was tested with his son, Jacob was tested with his brother, Joseph was tested with Potiphar’s wife, sold into slavery, thrown into jail, Jesus was tempted by the devil.  We will be tested to prove to ourselves and God that our faith is genuine.

Are you listening to logic rather than believing in God?  Where is that logic coming from?  Proverbs 3:5 tells us not to trust in our own logic, but rather to trust in God.  Some may say I trust God but not the bible because man wrote it.  Again I ask whose logic are you listening to.  Do you trust your eternity to this logic because it makes sense in your mind?  Is your mind filled with all knowledge, wisdom and understanding?  Perhaps others you’re listening to have it?  God has given those that believe, His Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit is filled with all knowledge, wisdom, and understanding.  He knows the past and the future.

Do you believe and trust only in your logic?  Try faith, because it is in and through faith we’re empowered!  Greater is He that is in every believer, than he that is in the world.  To trust in yours or anyone else logic is to limit yourself.  Faith opens our world to the possibilities of the impossible.  For with God, all things are possible, if you would but believe.

3 thoughts on “Growing Faith

  1. I think everyone should look into finding a particular podcast to follow. It helps me. I listen when I’m going to work or school and when I have some quiet time.

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